About Us

From where does the name Eynads

E : Everything
Y : You

N : Need

ADS : Announcement in English

Eynads is a place of meeting for buyers and sellers , the service providers and customers . We want to propose a new experience to users of classifieds websites . We know the values ​​of our visitors and we want to allow them to grow with us by offering an  unusual  interactive experience. Eynads listen to his visitors and their opinion is taken into consideration.
Created By M&Y Solutions, Eynads follows closely the vision of our company. Providing services to individuals and businesses , we want to enable users to find everything they need through the our 
website network that we are building day after day.  Eynads is the second website in that network.

Our Other Network Websites

  1. Eyn Web Design , meets all your needs in terms of Web & Graphic Design
  2. Eynads is your site of choice for place and check your local listings local classifieds FREE We invite to visit our main web site, my- solutions.ca to be the first informed about new sites added to our network. Even better! Follow us on Facebook to receive news , special offers, coupons and promotions .

Comments and Suggestions

For the sake of continuous improvement, we invite you to send us your comments and suggestions for making us send an email at info@eynads.ca.