Advertising on Eynads

Eynads provides to advertisers several commercial areas of different advertising formats. Here is a list of areas for advertisers wishing to promote their products or services on our site Eynads.  Increase you visibility on the we and be viewed by thousands of users every month.

We offer competitive prices and flexible . The cost depends on several factors :

  • banner dimensions
  • banner location
  • on or multiple cities or all over the country
  • time display
  • banner type , JPG or GIF ( animated image )

Note: All banner must follow the Posting Rules and must be approved before being displayed on Eynads. It can not exceed the dimensions of the selected section. If it is smaller , it will be stretched if possible.

We invite you to visit : for graphic design services to create professional banners respecting the exact dimensions required .

For more information and to obtain a quote for your custom ad campain,  please use the Contact Eynads link in the city you wish to have your banner.