Posting Rules

Advertiser Responsibility

  • advertiser is liable to face legal term content of the advertisement . It is his duty to ensure that it does not offend the display following rules , or laws of the province or the laws of Canada .

Changing display rules

  • Eynads reserves the right to modify at any time without notice, these rules on the display to adapt them to the site and/or its operation .

General Rules

  • prohibited to display the same or almost the same ad in multiple categories
  • Non script or program to publish more than one ad at a time
  • promotion service announcements and commercial areas is limited, all ads that bypass the payment system will be deleted without notice
  • Non create multiple accounts in order to display advertisements identical
  • prohibited to display an ad for a product or service outside the city selected for your ad
  • prohibited to display an ad that contains about degrading, damaging the reputation baseless , hateful, racist
  • prohibited to display an advertisement containing false, misleading , in order to commit fraud
  • users Eynads Canada ( ) must reside in Canada to post an ad

banned ads

  • Ad orientated or contains nudity
  • Gun
  • drugs , steroids, and any product related to its use or concealment
  • Explosives and equipment for the demolition
  • or device or any item that can be used in the manufacture of explosive devices
  • Ojbets stolen
  • Counterfeit
  • blood products, body fluids and organs
  • who contravenes Article copyright
  • Product smuggling
  • Drugs
  • document containing personal information from anyone other than the advertiser



  • illegal in Canada


All ads not respecting the rules will be deleted without notice and refund. Eynads reserves the right restrict access to the site of repeatedly .